Iron Spine, is a fusion of simplifying and focusing on the basics of meditation to support mindful practice. It means, “to have a gentle mind with an iron spine” and is meant to encapsulate a sense of strength and interconnectivity of all things. 

The idea that we have to be perfect at everything we do often holds us back from exploring pivotal things. We at Iron Spine wish to enable others to learn the practices of meditation through uncomplicated spiritual messages. 

Cayce Howe is an experienced meditator who has been practicing for over 25 years. His aspiration to help others takes essential spiritual teachings that are often complex and provides a simplified, more digestible, teachings and products for anyone who wishes to embrace meditation and mindfulness - from beginners starting a new journey to senior meditation teachers with the will to help others. The Iron Spine shop offers new ways to be reminded of our universal wisdom and compassion that aligns with the purpose of yoga and meditation. Enjoy!

Visit caycehowe.com for more information about changing your life with meditation or follow us on instagram @ironspineco to see new items when they are released!